Lingua Franca World Music Community

Lingua Franca World Music Community, a Company Limited by Guarantee with social aims, was set up in November 2010 to develop the world music industry in the North West with primary focus on Manchester and its surrounding areas.  Our Company No is: 7429854

Our Mission Statement

” Lingua Franca World Music Community invites partner organisations and funding bodies to evoke change and unit diverse communities of Manchester and Salford through investing in the development of world music.”

Our Directors

Geli Berg – Managing Director: radio broadcaster, agent, DJ, journalist and marketing consultant in the field of world music.

Jenny Thomas – Chairperson: experienced arts administratoR, with a keen interest and involvement in world music.

Anne Tucker: former world music producer who, until recently, was a partner in Manchester International Arts, a company with a long term involvement in world music, street arts and festivals here in the North West, including Streets Ahead, Mintfest and Feast.

Terry Brandy: radio broadcaster and keen photographer and video maker, who hails from Nevis and a member of one of the leading Caribbean Carnival dynasties in the North West.

Lugemba (aka Pat) Mackela:  from DR Congo, the drummer with the renowned Beating Wing Orchestra who, in addition to being an active musician and workshop leader, is also highly involved in the field of African gospel music.

The company is currently working on three active projects which we have set up to raise the profile of the various genres of world music within the North West through education, promotion and performance. We hope that each of these will eventually become commercially viable, but a lot of work is still required in order to make this possible.

a)    Cultural Collage World Music Festival

This annual world music festival was set up in 2010 and our third festival is scheduled to take place between 10 and 20 May 2012. It is a multi-venue event, primarily taking place in city centre Manchester. The festival aims to showcase professional music and dance from the diverse resident communities of the city and its surrounding areas. It involves promoters and venues in developing a programme of events which have the twin aims of

a)    raising the profile of the local professional world music performers

b)    introducing new and high profile world music to Manchester, which would not otherwise be experienced by audiences in the city.

Our longer term aim is to develop audiences to the extent that Manchester becomes an essential tour destination on the international circuit for world music.

Our last two festivals have received project funding support from Arts Council England and we work with Songlines, the leading UK World Music Magazine as our media partner.

 b)   Cultural Collage World

This full colour 16-page publication is currently produced annually and doubles up as a programme for the Cultural Collage World Music Festival.  It is also supported through local advertising partners. We eventually want to build this up into a commercial publication being published quarterly, but currently don’t have the resources to do so. We are currently talking to Manchester City Council about ways of taking this forward.  The publication is currently the only dedicated world music publication in North West England.

c)    The Cultural Collage Radio Show

 This magazine-format, world music show broadcasts live between 10am and 12 noon on the first Sunday of each month from ALL FM 96.9 Community Radio. It is produced and presented by Geli Berg with a regular Bollywood Film Review contribution from local film-maker, Attique Hanuk. The programme has been running for eight years, until recently on a weekly basis. It is currently run on a voluntary basis by both presenters. It offers a PR outlet to world music performers, promoters and venues and access to free tickets and CDs to listeners in collaboration with various partners.