We want to put Manchester on the world music map and we need your help!

At present world music is not a talking point in Manchester.  Local performers do not get many opportunities to perform here, venues are not keen to risk putting world music on at weekends due to there being a general lack of audiences and only large funded promoters can afford to take the risk of programming world music in the city.  This means that a lot of well-known acts commonly miss Manchester out of their touring schedules.   We want to change all this!

Cultural Collage World Music Festival are currently seeking 10 volunteers to act as World Music Ambassadors for Manchester.  They will let people know about the amazing professional musicians and dancers who live in our musical city, promote our festival gigs and down the line also help other world music venues and promoters publicise events which take place in Manchester throughout the year.

You need to know your world music and have a passion for bringing the wealth of talent to the attention of mainstream music fans and others.  We would like you to get in touch if any or all the following apply to you.

  • You love talking about world music
  • You have a wide range of contacts
  • You have online or offline marketing and/or PR skills
  • You have a talent for recording videos and know how to upload them to YouTube
  • You enjoy distributing leaflets

In return, we can offer you access to world music festival gigs and the satisfaction of making a difference to the world music scene of Manchester.

If you are interested in becoming one of Manchester’s World Music VIPs, please get in touch by emailing for an Application Form.